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Princess Punie Tanaka's Journal

~"Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All!"~

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Name:Punie Tanaka
Birthdate:Jan 31
Punie is a princess from Magical Land, who happens to be studying for a year in Japan to prove herself worthy of her mother's throne. She's friendly and sweet and cute!

Until you piss her off.

You really don't want to piss her off.

Physical details: Punie is a slim, fairly short teenaged girl with light straight hair in a chin-length bob. She wears a red and white school uniform with a red headband, and always wears a large heart-shaped necklace. From this she can pull her candy-cane-shaped Princess Stick and focus her magic powers.

Sometimes she's followed by Paya-tan, her adorable friendly mascot. He looks kind of like a puppy dog with a unicorn horn.

Fighting details: Punie is extremely adept at a variety of submission holds, joint locks, and other ways to break human bodies into a lot of very painful pieces. She has absolutely no compunction about using them. She also has magic powers, and can magically summon a lot of very heavy ordnance.

Canon details: Punie is from the anime and manga series Magical Witch Punie-chan, aka Dai Mahou Touge/大魔法峠. She's owned by Hideki Ohwada, Ace MomoGumi magazine, Studio Barcelona, and various other people who are not us. We're just playing her for fun (and no profit) at [community profile] milliways_bar. To contact the muns, drop a comment here!

Interests (23):

anego, arm locks, being queen, curry, defeating my enemies, esmeralda tanaka, head locks, joint locks, kimihiko tanaka, leg locks, lyrical tokarev kill them all, magical land, mascots, not math tests, paya-tan, potaru tanaka, princess powers, pyun tanaka, ruling the world, school, submission holds, tetsuko, vegetables
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